Surface pressure measurements can be performed with 64 channel pressure scanner. Scanner limit is ±1 psi (±6894.7 Pascal) and it is suitable for use at all speed range where AWT operates. Multi-channel pressure scanner communicates with the data acquisition system via Ethernet connection. It is integrated into the data acquisition system so that it can collect data simultaneously with other sensors during the test. Multi-channel pressure scanner is a miniature system that has dimensions of approximately 90 mm x 30 mm x 40 mm and can be integrated into the test model if desired, depending on the size of the test model. Plastic hoses and interface parts compatible with the pressure scanner are provided by TÜBİTAK SAGE in sufficient quantity according to the number of measurement points to be used.

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The CTA hot wire anemometer system is based on the principle of determining flow velocity depending on the heat transfer from an electrically heated sensor by placing it in the tunnel test section as shown in the figure. The amount of current sent to the sensor keeps the temperature on the wire constant and is directly proportional to the amount of heat transfer that takes place. CTA system used has a three-axis hot wire probe.

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